Legal Disclaims

1. Legal Statement

(a) This whitepaper (“Whitepaper”), in its current form, is circulated for general information purposes only in relation to the Grabity project as presently conceived and is subject to review and revision. Please note that this Whitepaper is a work in progress and the information in this Whitepaper is current only as of the date on the cover hereof. Thereafter, the information, including information concerning Grabity project business operations and financial conditions, may have changed. We reserve the right to update the Whitepaper from time to time.

(b) No person is bound to enter into any contract or binding legal commitment in relation to the sale and purchase of Grabity Coins (“GBT”) and no payment is to be accepted on the basis of this Whitepaper. Any sale and purchase of GBT will be governed by a legally binding agreement, the details of which will be made available separately from this Whitepaper. In the event of any inconsistencies between the abovementioned agreement and this Whitepaper, the former shall prevail.

(c) This Whitepaper does not constitute or form part of any opinion on any advice to sell, or any solicitation of any offer by the issuer/distributor/vendor of GBT to purchase any GBT nor shall it or any part of it nor the fact of its presentation form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or investment decision.

(d) GBT is not intended to constitute securities, units in a business trust, or units in a collective investment scheme, each as defined under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) of Singapore, or its equivalent in any other jurisdiction. Accordingly, this Whitepaper therefore, does not, and is not intended to, constitute a prospectus, profile statement, or offer document of any sort, and should not be construed as an offer of securities of any form, units in a business trust, units in a collective investment scheme or any other form of investment, or a solicitation for any form of investment in any jurisdiction.

(e) No GBT should be construed, interpreted, classified or treated as enabling, or according any opportunity to, purchasers to participate in or receive profits, income, or other payments or returns arising from or in connection with the GBT Protocol project platform, GBT, or products, or to receive sums paid out of such profits, income, or other payments or returns.

(f) This Whitepaper or any part hereof may not be reproduced, distributed or otherwise disseminated in any jurisdiction where offering coins/tokens in the manner set out this Whitepaper is regulated or prohibited.

(g) No regulatory authority has reviewed, examined or approved of any of the information set out in this Whitepaper. No such action has been or will be taken in any jurisdiction.

(h) Where you wish to purchase any GBT, the GBT are not to be construed, interpreted, classified or treated as: (a) any kind of currency other than cryptocurrency; (b) debentures, stocks or shares issued by any entity; (c) rights, options or derivatives in respect of such debentures, stocks or shares; (d) rights under a contract for differences or under any other contract with the purpose or pretended purpose to secure a profit or avoid a loss; or (e) units or derivatives in a collective investment scheme or business trust, or any other type of securities.

2. Restrictions on Distribution and Dissemination

(a) The distribution or dissemination of this Whitepaper or any part thereof may be prohibited or restricted by the laws or regulatory requirements of any jurisdiction. In the case where any restriction applies, you are to inform yourself about, to obtain legal and other relevant advice on, and to observe, any restrictions which are applicable to your possession of this Whitepaper or such part thereof (as the case may be) at your own expense and without liability to Grabity or its representatives, agents, and related companies (“Affiliates”).

(b) Persons to whom a copy of this Whitepaper has been distributed or disseminated, provided access to or who otherwise have the Whitepaper in their possession shall not circulate it to any other persons, reproduce or otherwise distribute this Whitepaper or any information contained herein for any purpose whatsoever nor permit or cause the same to occur.

3. Disclaimer of Liability

(a) The GBT and related services provided by Grabity and its Affiliates are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Grabity and its Affiliates do not grant any warranties or make any representation, express or implied or otherwise, as to the accessibility, quality, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the GBT or any related services provided by Grabity and its Affiliates, and expressly disclaim any liability for errors, delays, or omissions in, or for any action taken in reliance on, the GBT and related services provided by Grabity and its Affiliates.

(b) Grabity and its Affiliates do not make or purport to make, and hereby disclaim, any representation, warranty or undertaking in any form whatsoever to any entity or person, including any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the truth, accuracy and completeness of any of the information set out in this Whitepaper.

(c) To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable laws and regulations, Grabity and its Affiliates shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other losses of any kind, in tort, contract or otherwise (including but not limited to loss of revenue, income or profits, and loss of use or data), arising out of or in connection with any acceptance of or reliance on this Whitepaper or any part thereof by you.

4. Cautionary Note on Forward-Looking Statements

(a) Certain information set forth in this Whitepaper includes forward-looking information regarding the future of the project, future events and projections. These statements are not statements of historical fact and may be identified by but not limited to words and phrases such as “will”, “estimate”, “believe”, “expect”, “project”, “anticipate”, or words of similar meaning. Such forward-looking statements are also included in other publicly available materials such as presentations, interviews, videos etc., information contained in this Whitepaper constitutes forward-looking statements including but not limited to future results, performance, or achievements of Grabity or its Affiliates.

(b) The forward-looking statements involve a variety of risks and uncertainties. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and no undue reliance should be placed on them. Should any of these risks or uncertainties materialise, the actual performance and progress of Grabity or its Affiliates might differ from expectations set by the forward-looking statements. Grabity or its Affiliates undertake no obligation to update forward-looking statements should there be any change in circumstances. By acting upon forward-looking information received from this Whitepaper, Grabity or its Affiliates’ website and other materials produced by Grabity or its Affiliates, you personally bear full responsibility in the event where the forward-looking statements do not materialize. do not materialize.

(c) As of the date of this Whitepaper, the Grabity project platform has not been completed and is not fully operational. Any description pertaining to and regarding the Grabity project platform is made on the basis that the Grabity project platform will be completed and be fully operational. However, this paragraph shall in no way be construed as providing any form of guarantee or assurance that the Grabity project platform will eventually be completed or be fully operational.

5. Potential Risks

(a) Please carefully read every piece of information, understand and analyse the risks and related factors before deciding to participate and purchase the GBT. The risks include, but are not limited to: (i) risk of losing access to GBT due to loss of identification information, loss of requisite private key(s) associated with the digital wallet storing the GBT or any other kind of custodial or purchaser errors; (ii) fluctuations of the value of GBT post-issuance due to the general global market and economic conditions. Such volatility in the value of the GBT may lead to Grabity not being able to fund the development of the GBT Protocol project ecosystem, or may not be able to maintain the Grabity project ecosystem in the manner intended; (iii) changes in political, social, economic and stock or cryptocurrency market conditions, and the regulatory environment in the countries in which Grabity or its Affiliates conduct their businesses and operations, and the ability of GBT Protocol or its Affiliates to survive or compete under such conditions. It is possible that certain jurisdictions will apply existing regulations on, or introduce new regulations addressing, blockchain technology, which may be contrary to the GBT and/or the Grabity project ecosystem which may, result in substantial modifications of the Grabity project ecosystem and the Grabity project project, including termination and loss of GBT; (iv) changes in the future capital needs of Grabity or its Affiliates and the availability of financing and capital to fund such needs. A lack of funding could impact the development of the Grabity project platform and the uses or potential value of the GBT; (v) for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, an unfavorable fluctuation in the value of GBT, the failure of business relationships or competing intellectual property claims during development or operation, the Grabity project project may no longer be a viable activity and may be dissolved or simply not launched, negatively impacting the Grabity project ecosystem, the GBT and the potential utility of the GBT; (vi) the lack of interest from large number of companies, individuals and other organizations for the Grabity project platform and services and that there may be limited public interest in the creation and development of distributed applications. Such a lack of interest could lead to a lack of funding and also impact the development of the Grabity project platform and the uses or potential value of the GBT;

(vii) significant changes made to the features or specifications of the GBT or the Grabity project platform before the release or implementation of the Grabity project project and/or the Grabity ecosystem. While intends for the GBT and the Grabity project ecosystem to function as described in the Whitepaper, GBT Protocol may nevertheless make such changes; (viii) competition from alternative platforms that may have been established, which could potentially adversely impact the GBT and the Grabity project platform (e.g. lack of commercial success or prospects caused by competing projects); (ix) interference with the use of GBT and the infrastructure of the Grabity project platform due to any weaknesses or malware that may be intentionally or unintentionally introduced into the software of the Grabity project platform, whether or not by a third party. The blockchain used for the platform is also vulnerable to attacks which pose a risk to the platform and the performance of related services; (x) occurrences of catastrophic events, natural disasters and acts of God that affect the businesses or operations of Grabity or its Affiliates and other factors beyond the control of Grabity or its Affiliates. This includes mining attacks, attacks by hackers or other individuals that could result in theft or loss of proceeds of the GBT sale, or the GBT and impacting the ability to develop the Grabity project ecosystem; (xi) GBT and other cryptocurrencies are a new, untested technology and constantly developing. The full functionality of the GBT are not yet complete and no assurance can be provided of such completion. As technology matures, developments in cryptographic technologies and techniques or changes in consensus project or algorithms could present risks to the GBT, the GBT sale, the Grabity project and/or the Grabity project ecosystem, including the utility of the GBT; (xii) GBT confer no governance rights of any kind with respect to the Grabity project project, the Grabity project ecosystem and/or Grabity and all decisions will be made by Grabity at its sole discretion, including decisions to discontinue the GBT Protocol’s products or services, the Grabity project project and/or GBT Protocol project ecosystem to create and sell more GBT for use in the Grabity project ecosystem or to sell or liquidate Grabity ; and (xiii) The tax treatment and accounting of the GBT is uncertain and may vary amongst jurisdictions. There may be adverse tax consequences and independent tax advice in connection with purchasing GBT should be obtained.

In addition to the risks stipulated above, there are other risks that Grabity and its Affiliates cannot predict. Risks may also occur as unanticipated combinations or as changes in the risks stipulated herein.

(b) If any of such risks and uncertainties develops into actual events, the business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects of Grabity or its Affiliates could be materially and adversely affected. In such cases, you may lose all or part of the value of the GBT.

6. No Further Information or Update

No person has been or is authorised to give any information or representation not contained in this Whitepaper in connection with the GBT, Grabity or its Affiliates and their respective businesses and operations, and, if given, such information or representation must not be relied upon as having been authorised by or on behalf of Grabity or its Affiliates.

7. No Advice

No information in this Whitepaper should be considered to be business, legal, financial or tax advice regarding the GBT, Grabity or its Affiliates. You should consult your own legal, financial, tax or other professional advisor(s) regarding the GBT, Grabity or its Affiliates and their respective businesses and operations. You should be aware that you may be required to bear the financial risk of any purchase of GBT for an indefinite period of time.