The More Planets, The Bigger Universe

DApp (Decentralized Applications)

DApps are the most accessible method to provide additional liquidities and active user bases to a Grabity’s DeFi ecosystem. DApps can ensure more users by providing more comfortable user experience in a dApp ecosystem of Grabity and higher quality services by cooperating with various platforms. This structure can also be applied in a DeFi ecosystem and enable cooperation not only between platforms but also users in a decentralized network.
Planet Wallet will exist as an individual dApp ecosystem, and dApps will be able to build a new dApp ecosystem under another dApp ecosystem by adding subordinate functions. Ultimately, this will lead the Planet Wallet to possess a wider user base and higher quality services. Planet Wallet can also extend the Grabity’s ecosystem as a dApp of the Orbits Network.

DApp Store (Decentralized Application Store)

In the DApp Store, users can purchase various services of different dApps in the ecosystem and dApps can make a profit to afford their dApp ecosystem. Furthermore, users can freely harvest and gateway DeFi tokens in the DeFi ecosystem, providing perfect user experiences in a decentralized network jumping dApp ecosystems over and back.
The DApp Store API will be released as an open source within the Planet Wallet SDK and developers can share the same store API among all dApps developed from the Planet Wallet SDK. By doing so, dApps can allow their users to join the Planet Wallet DApp Store ecosystem with their issued tokens.
Last modified 9mo ago