Planet Wallet
Create your own Planet in the Blockchain Universe

Planet Wallet

Planet Wallet is a decentralized wallet developed by Grabity, which has a technical feature that the Planet Wallet can support various types of mainnets and a cultural feature that a user’s wallet becomes an unique planet and participates in the DeFi ecosystem by transferring user’s assets with other planet in the blockchain universe powered by gravity. In the Planet Wallet, a planet can use its own unique plant tag/name. Users can create their own planet in the blockchain mainnet called as universe, each mainnet is built as an individual universe, and users can create a different planet in each universe.
Planet Wallet is built as an open source decentralized wallet and developed to bring more users into the DeFi ecosystem and provide more utilities into the pool. Planet Wallet is a multi DeFi platform which can be used as a safe decentralized storage for various cryptocurrencies, to transfer cryptocurrencies to external wallets or exchanges, and enjoy other cryptocurrency financial services.
The reason why the Planet Wallet is developed as an open source wallet is 1) to attract developers who share same ideas on the decentralized network and DeFi services, 2) provide services to startups or blockchain organizations who do not have enough funds to develop their own decentralized wallet, and 3) provide high quality developer sources to developers in other industries so that the DeFi ecosystem can be applied in other businesses.
Grabity will release sources related to the development of the Planet Wallet on Github as an open source.
Planet Wallet’s main ecosystem is DeFi, and the Planet Wallet is developed as a decentralized wallet to achieve this. Throughout the Planet Wallet, users can participate in DeFi yield farming, so called “Harvest,” swap DeFi tokens, so called “Gateway,” and connect to other wallets, so called “Docking.” Users can docking their Planet Wallet and transfer crypto assets to various DeFi platforms, harvest to make DeFi profits on the Planet Wallet App, and gateway to swap DeFi tokens listed on the Planet Wallet’s various Universes.
Business Model
Planet Wallet’s business models are based on 1) the SDK to install a decentralized wallet in dApps, 2) the partnership with new Universes and support their decentralized wallet, and 3) the network fees in the Planet Wallet. The network fees can be paid in GBT in the Planet Wallet and are used for the maintenance of the Planet Wallet, development of the Orbits Network, compensation for open source development, and etc. by the Grabity Foundation. All profits earned from the above business models are to be donated to the Grabity Foundation.
Grabity will expand Planet Wallet’s services by having a partnership with other projects and organizations and providing a customized enterprise decentralized wallet to customers. Grabity’s partners will be considered and selected by the Grabity Foundation, and Grabity will have a community-like partnership to share the true value of a decentralized network, not a commercial-like partnership for blind service/ecosystem expansion. Securing new dApps who share the same value with Grabity will be fundamental to build a sustainable Planet Wallet ecosystem.
Planet Wallet App is built both on iOS and Android with strong security features by providing a complete control of private keys to a user and biometric verification. Furthermore, for better user experience in the mobile environment, the Planet Wallet App allows users to revise unreadable long wallet addresses to an unique planet name. PC users can simply download and use a Planet Wallet chrome extension on Google Chrome like MetaMask. Users can simply docking to other DeFi platforms or wallets by scanning a QR code on the App and transfer cryptocurrencies.
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