Docking to a new Planet, new Universe, and a new World

SDK (Software Development Kit )

Software Developer’s Kit, also known as SDK, is a vehicle connecting the Planet Wallet to various ecosystems and a gate docking more users to enter the Grabity’s universe. By supporting developers to simply develop their customized wallet, Grabity will build more decentralized networks in the Grabity’s DeFi ecosystem. Planet Wallet SDK will be released for free on GitHub for all startups and organizations willing to enter the Grabity’s DeFi ecosystem, and all profits earned from this activity are to be donated to the Grabity Foundation.
A feature that the Planet Wallet SDK is released as an open source takes the most significant role in building a Grabity’s decentralized network as all participants developing the open source SDK will create multi DeFi ecosystems. The only requirement to participate in the Planet Wallet SDK ecosystem is to share the same value on the decentralized network with Grabity and does not require any other backgrounds or skills. Participants for the Planet Wallet SDK ecosystem will be selected by the Grabity Foundation.
In addition, blockchain companies or developers with existing a DeFi platform can also participate in the Planet Wallet ecosystem by using the Planet Wallet SDK. These participants can develop a new DeFi wallet for free by using a GitHub open source or a customized wallet by having a partnership with the Grabity Foundation. All profits earned from this procedure are to be donated to the Grabity Foundation.
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