New Paradigm of Internet

Planet Wallet to shift the DeFi Paradigm to a cost-effective multi-liquidity wallet ecosystem.

Grabity is a non-profit technology consortium established in 2018, develops various types of dApps (Decentralized applications) powered by GBT, and supports open sources projects to accomplish our mission and values on the decentralized network.

Grabity aims to solve problems from the centralized ecosystem by providing a more comfortable and secure decentralized ecosystem so that people can simply and safely store, transfer, and use their assets. As user experience according to the Internet development has been improved based on the PC and centralized structure, Grabity will bring better user experience by introducing the Planet Wallet which enables people to manage their assets in more comfortable and safe ways based on the mobile environment throughout the new Internet paradigm to a digital asset-based decentralized ecosystem.

Grabity believes that decentralization can realize true sharing economy and the network development will lead us to common technological advancement where new platforms do not have to compete with other existing platforms to attract bigger user bases. Grabity believes that it is our common duty as a blockchain operator to enthusiastically accept new ideas and provide more technologically perfect services according to an open protocol feature of blockchain.

Grabity would like to suggest solutions by introducing the upgraded version of Planet Wallet which has been modified according to the DeFi ecosystem after questioning on how Orbits Network can be valued in the current DeFi ecosystem and what real values Grabity is looking for. Grabity is going to release the Planet Wallet as an open source to all individuals and organizations who would like to connect, store, transfer, and use digital assets in the Internet paradigm to decentralization and trigger developments of a genuine decentralized network.