The easiest way to become an angel investor 😇
Nova is a crowdfunding platform for aspiring projects aiming to launch on BSC. Nova will enable users to gain early access to project tokens by pledging GBT-BUSD LP tokens. Pledged GBT-BUSD LP tokens will be locked in a smart contract until the sale is completed. Upon completion of the sale, raised LP tokens will be used to redeem GBT and BUSD from its liquidity pool on Grabity AMM. While redeemed BUSD will be sent to the project team, redeemed GBT will be burnt and excluded from circulation forever. Nova leverages the FSFC model for all sales.
Nova’s structure was designed with 3 core ideas in mind:
  1. 1.
    Exposing GBT-BUSD liquidity providers to opportunities to invest in auspicious projects.
  2. 2.
    Providing project teams with an opportunity to secure funds in stable coins while committing them to contribute to the Grabity Ecosystem by burning GBT.
  3. 3.
    Continuous demand and growth of GBT.
Upon the completion of a Nova sale, a Refinery contract will be launched for ProjectToken-GBT LP tokens. Nova will be the optimal fundraising platform for projects aiming to hold a fair token launch while incentivizing token holders to stay engaged in the project by providing a dedicated yield farming contract.
Nova Launchpad is still under development. Nova is scheduled to launch in Q1, 2022