Refinery is a pool of yield farming contracts for LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens acquired by supplying liquidity on Grabity DEX. Users can stake their LP Tokens on Refinery to earn GBT tokens in addition to the trading fee which accumulates on the liquidity pool of Grabity AMM. Each eligible LP token will have its dedicated staking contract. In order to have a dedicated Refinery staking contract, a proposal must be submitted to Grabity Governance for approval. This decision-making structure ensures that new GBT emissions will be allocated to honest liquidity providers who make legitimate contributions to the GBT ecosystem.

APR for each farm will vary depending on 2 factors: 1) the multiplier applied to each contract, and 2) the total number of LP tokens staked in each contract. The APR for A-B (tokenA-tokenB) is calculated as follows:

For pool tokenA-tokenB,

APR (%) = {a*(b/c)*x}/y*100


a = Yearly GBT Refinery emission in USD

b = Multiplier of pool tokenA-tokenB

c = Sum of multipliers across all Refinery pools

x = Your share in pool tokenA-tokenB in decimals

y = Your deposit in pool tokenA-tokenB in USD

Grabity DEX takes care of the math behind the scenes and displays the estimated APR for each contract. Please note that APR is subject to change as it is simply an estimate based on the latest data.

Farming rewards will be updated per block generation (approximately a 3-second interval for BSC). Users can harvest earned GBT anytime without having to unstake their LP tokens. The design of Refinery incentivizes users to provide more liquidity on Grabity DEX to create a seamless, decentralized trading environment with optimal prices and minimum slippage.

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