How to Stake & Burn Tokens

Follow our guide below to stake & burn tokens in Stake Swap contracts to earn rewards!

Before depositing your assets into a Stake Swap contract, please understand that 100% of your deposited assets will be burned in return for reward tokens over the remaining duration of the pool. Deposits in Stake Swap contracts are irreversible!

1. Connect Your Wallet

2. Click on the [Stake Swap] menu on the navigation bar to view contracts.

3. Choose the Stake Swap contract to deposit your token.

4. Enable the contract by clicking on [Enable]. You will be prompted to authorize a transaction through the wallet you've connected with.

5. Click on the [+] button to interact with the [Stake & Burn Tokens] pop-up.

6. Select the amount of tokens to stake by either manually entering the quantity or clicking on the percentage buttons below.

7. Click [Confirm] and sign the transaction to complete the staking process.

8. Your rewards will be displayed on the [Earned] section.

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