How to Stake/Unstake LP Tokens

Follow our guide below to stake/unstake LP tokens in Refinery to earn rewards to redeem your LP tokens!

1. Connect Your Wallet

2. Access the yield farming page by clicking on the [Refinery] menu on the navigation bar.

3. Locate the Refinery contract that supports the deposit of your LP tokens.

4. Enable the contract by clicking on [Enable]. You will be prompted to authorize a transaction through the wallet you've connected with.

5. Click on the [+] button to interact with the [Stake LP Tokens] pop-up.

6. Select the amount of LP tokens to stake by either manually entering the quantity or clicking on the percentage buttons below.

7. Click [Confirm] and sign the transaction to complete the staking process.

8. Your rewards will be displayed on the [GBT Earned] section.

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